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I’ve been an arts and features writer since 2009, with published work in the newsrooms of UCLA, USC, and Stanford as well as Palo Alto Weekly and LA STAGE Times. I received an MA in Specialized Journalism-The Arts from USC in 2013 and a BA in English and Film Studies from UC Davis in 2011.

I am currently Associate Director of Communications, UCLA College Division of Undergraduate Education.

From 2013-2017, I was the writer on the communications team at USC Shoah Foundation.

Through my writing I’ve been lucky enough to tell the stories of countless individuals who are doing fascinating things in theater, film, higher education, genocide research and more. In each piece I write, I strive to convey how its subject is making an impact on the world in hopes that readers may find the topic as fascinating as I do.

On this site you will find selections of my published work as well as blog posts and pieces written for criticism courses at USC. Feel free to leave comments, agree, disagree – and join in the conversation!

Contact me at rmigdol@gmail.com

Download my resume

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Read my USC master’s thesis: Screenwriting in the Digital Age

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