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According to Sarah

(Originally published in The California Aggie) The way I see it, stand-up comedy comes in a couple of different varieties. There’s the family-friendly kind, which sticks to G-rated topics – the likes of which can be found on any number of TBS comedies. There’s the PG or PG-13 kind that isn’t afraid to make a […]

Let’s go to the movies

(Originally published in The California Aggie) Twenty-seven times last year, I got off the couch and drove at least 15 minutes to a movie theater that was neither spotlessly clean nor particularly memorable. I stood in line to buy a $10.50 ticket, picked my way through screaming kids and empty popcorn buckets and found a […]

Tomorrow is Friday

(Originally published in The California Aggie) What is it about 13-year-old Rebecca Black’s music video “Friday” that makes you want to simultaneously laugh, groan and cover your ears? Is it Black’s nasal, Auto-Tuned voice? The background chorus of fist-pumping middle-schoolers? The wannabe-Flo Rida limo driver? Nah. You know it’s the lyrics. The song (a bona-fide […]

Double trouble

(Originally published in The California Aggie) I’m a twin. I like movies. But I don’t like twins in movies. This may sound paradoxical. I rarely meet any other twins in my everyday life (though there are two other sets in my family), so you’d think I’d enjoy seeing people similar to myself represented in popular […]

I wanna be a producer…

(Originally published in The California Aggie) If you want to be a big shot someday, you’ve got to start at the bottom. That’s the mentality every college student or recent graduate who dreams of working in Hollywood needs to adopt when deciding what the heck they’re going to do about that dream job. Whether you […]

Oscar predictions

(Originally published in The California Aggie) Inception, The Social Network, Black Swan, Toy Story 3 – even if you’ve only seen a couple of the films nominated at this Sunday’s Academy Awards, you have to admit 2010 was a pretty kick-ass year for cinema. Take it from the cinephile who saw all 10 Best Picture […]

Film school for dummies

(Originally published in The California Aggie) The most notorious person in film studies right now is a guy named Mike Lacher. He’s the brains behind the Film School Thesis Generator, a clever little tool (go to that aspires to capture the entire undergraduate experience of film studies in a few keystrokes. Simply enter any […]

Picture perfect

(Originally published in The California Aggie) If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to achieve perfection in anything – sports, music, math – look no further than the Tiger Mom. She’s Amy Chua, a Yale Law School professor and author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, a firsthand account of how to be a […]

Two is greater than three

(Originally published in The California Aggie) Every time a movie trailer or poster screams, “In eye-popping 3D!” I die a little inside. I thought I was the only one. But now, at long last, it seems I’m no longer alone. Don’t get me wrong, I was spellbound by Avatar when I saw it in IMAX […]

Make ’em laugh

(Originally published in The California Aggie) I feel sorry for a lot of people in the world – for instance, flood victims and the homeless. Movie stars who get their feelings hurt, however, are not on this list. I say this because apparently there are a sizeable number of people for whom celebrities’ egos represent […]