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Impact in Profile: Toni Hagopian

(Originally published by USC Shoah Foundation) Documentary filmmaker J. Michael Hagopian didn’t have to look too far for survivors of the Armenian Genocide. Somehow, says his wife Toni Hagopian, they always found him. “The first time I experienced it, we were in New York on our honeymoon and there was a note left in the […]

Original Manuscript of Armenian Genocide Whistleblower Discovered in San Francisco

When a cousin of Diana Hekimian’s in San Francisco mentioned that she had found an old manuscript in the basement of her apartment building two months ago, Hekimian didn’t know what to think. Then she saw the manuscript. With its faded type, handwritten notes, and photographs taped to the pages, “it looked like a very […]

Aleksan Markaryan: The Last Interviewee

At 110 years old (according to him; no one knows for sure), Aleksan Markaryan is the life of the party. Within minutes of meeting visitors for the first time, he’s launched into a story about his long, fascinating life. “He remembers too many things,” says his friend Ana. “Whenever people come over, we say, ‘Look […]