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Impact in Profile: Lyndell Higgins

(Originally published by USC Shoah Foundation) Lyndell Higgins wanted to teach people about the Holocaust. So, she started to dance. Higgins is the founding director of the Los Angeles-based Stretch Dance Company, which she created in 2010.  The company recently debuted its first full-length dance production, I Have Lived A Thousand Years, based on the […]

VIDEO: Meet Bruiser: Frankie the Dog from Legally Blonde: The Musical

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Meet Frankie, the Four-Legged Star of Legally Blonde: The Musical

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) One member of Cabrillo Music Theatre’s cast of Legally Blonde: The Musical has never taken an acting class, danced in a chorus or sung a single note. In fact, before joining the show he had never even been inside a theater. The actor’s name is Frankie. He’s a Chihuahua. Frankie plays […]

Miller and Fox Envision Good People with Importance

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) After 30 years as a theater performer, choreographer, director and producer, Janet Miller is finally graduating. At least, that’s how Miller’s longtime friend and new business partner Kimberly Fox puts it. Piggybacking off the production of Miller’s latest directorial effort, the Hollywood Fringe Festival’s A Man of No Importance, the two have […]

The Katrina Comedy Fest Celebrates Triumph in Disaster

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) Think of Hurricane Katrina, and the images that probably come to mind are wind and rain pounding the flooding streets of New Orleans, people standing on rooftops waiting to be rescued, or the cleanup process that dragged on for years. But according to The Katrina Comedy Fest, tales of destruction, chaos and […]

An American Journey with BOB

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) An unlikely pair of offerings at a White Castle fast food restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, inspired playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb to write BOB: A Life in Five Acts. While working at Actors Theatre in Louisville, Nachtrieb noticed that the White Castle between his hotel and the theater was advertising a “romantic” Valentine’s Day dinner, complete […]

Jackie Robinson Enters the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, And Then…?

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) Playwright Brian Golden may have set his play Cooperstown on the day when Jackie Robinsonwas inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame,  but his inspiration came from a decidedly un-sentimental source. Golden participated in a Chicago Dramatists workshop in early 2009 in which each playwright would write a play for five provided actors, he says. During one […]

English professor and film preservationist Scott Simmon breathes life into early cinema

(Originally written for Steve Magagnini’s Journalism class, UC Davis, November 2011) It’s hard for Scott Simmon to contain his enthusiasm for movies. He bounds around his spacious English department chair office in Voorhies (guarded by his assistant, Mary, and a bowl of candy) grabbing books he’s written about early Westerns and the great director King […]

Lights, camera, Davis

(originally written for Steve Magagnini’s Journalism class, UC Davis, November 2011) Late one night last winter, anyone studying in the basement of Shields Library would have borne witness to an unusual sight: A tall, lanky guy running around the stacks holding a video camera. That was senior Technocultural Studies major Kyle Dickerson making his second-ever […]

Approaching Under-30 Theatergoers with Andrew Carlberg

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) On a recent Monday, producer Andrew Carlberg rattles off his schedule: meetings about his latest film and television projects, a casting session, lunch with a reporter and a rehearsal for a theater workshop top the list. For the busy Carlberg, it’s a typical weekday. “I don’t know when he sleeps,” says […]