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The Katrina Comedy Fest Celebrates Triumph in Disaster

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) Think of Hurricane Katrina, and the images that probably come to mind are wind and rain pounding the flooding streets of New Orleans, people standing on rooftops waiting to be rescued, or the cleanup process that dragged on for years. But according to The Katrina Comedy Fest, tales of destruction, chaos and […]

Jackie Robinson Enters the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, And Then…?

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) Playwright Brian Golden may have set his play Cooperstown on the day when Jackie Robinsonwas inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame,  but his inspiration came from a decidedly un-sentimental source. Golden participated in a Chicago Dramatists workshop in early 2009 in which each playwright would write a play for five provided actors, he says. During one […]

Approaching Under-30 Theatergoers with Andrew Carlberg

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) On a recent Monday, producer Andrew Carlberg rattles off his schedule: meetings about his latest film and television projects, a casting session, lunch with a reporter and a rehearsal for a theater workshop top the list. For the busy Carlberg, it’s a typical weekday. “I don’t know when he sleeps,” says […]