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Impact in Profile

(Originally published by USC Shoah Foundation) I recently emailed a teacher to ask if he was willing to be featured in a profile story on the USC Shoah Foundation website about his experiences using IWitness in his classroom. I had never been introduced to him and he had not been expecting to hear from me. […]

Impact in Profile: Lyndell Higgins

(Originally published by USC Shoah Foundation) Lyndell Higgins wanted to teach people about the Holocaust. So, she started to dance. Higgins is the founding director of the Los Angeles-based Stretch Dance Company, which she created in 2010.  The company recently debuted its first full-length dance production, I Have Lived A Thousand Years, based on the […]

Cleaver’s Destiny (2013)

(Originally published in LA Weekly) A teenager tries to connect with her amnesiac, homeless father in this underwhelming little film entirely ill-equipped to deal with its serious and important themes. Seventeen-year-old Amy (Jenny Leona di Gennaro) has just been dumped by her boyfriend, who is also her teacher and twice her age, and is struggling […]

A Strange Brand of Happy (2013)

(Originally published in LA Weekly) You want to like A Strange Brand of Happy. After the hand-drawn, animated opening credits, there’s hope it may be a kind of Juno-esque, quirky-but-poignant indie comedy that arthouse audiences love. But try as it might, A Strange Brand of Happy is never as funny or compelling as it seems […]

Sparrows Dance (2013)

(Originally published in Village Voice) Great news, ladies: If you want to find the perfect man, never leave your apartment and he’ll just show up at your door! At least, that’s what happens to the unnamed Woman in Sparrows Dance. When a plumbing emergency strikes our heroine’s cozy, self-imposed prison of an apartment, which she […]

Inch’Allah (2013)

(Originally published in Village Voice) Inch’Allah is one of those films that strives to be Important—at the expense of moving us. Chloé is a Canadian obstetrician working in a Palestinian refugee camp who becomes swept up in the lives of those around her: pregnant Rand and her brothers, Faysal and young Safi; the local boys […]

This is Martin Bonner (2013)

It’s never too late to start over. Martin has just left behind his two children, grandchild, ex-wife and bankruptcy in Maryland for a job in Reno, Nevada at a transitional program for released inmates. Travis, a new member of the program, is a free man after twelve years behind bars. This is Martin Bonner tells […]

VIDEO: Meet Bruiser: Frankie the Dog from Legally Blonde: The Musical

Produced for LA STAGE Times

Meet Frankie, the Four-Legged Star of Legally Blonde: The Musical

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) One member of Cabrillo Music Theatre’s cast of Legally Blonde: The Musical has never taken an acting class, danced in a chorus or sung a single note. In fact, before joining the show he had never even been inside a theater. The actor’s name is Frankie. He’s a Chihuahua. Frankie plays […]

Magic Camp (2013)

(Originally published in The Village Voice) It’s heartening to know that places like Tannen’s Magic Camp exist. A summer camp held at Bryn Mawr College for aspiring magicians ages 12 to 20, Tannen’s is the subject of the slight but delightful documentary Magic Camp, which focuses on five campers over the course of the week-long session. The kids […]