It’s never too late to start over. Martin has just left behind his two children, grandchild, ex-wife and bankruptcy in Maryland for a job in Reno, Nevada at a transitional program for released inmates. Travis, a new member of the program, is a free man after twelve years behind bars. This is Martin Bonner tells […]

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(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) One member of Cabrillo Music Theatre’s cast of Legally Blonde: The Musical has never taken an acting class, danced in a chorus or sung a single note. In fact, before joining the show he had never even been inside a theater. The actor’s name is Frankie. He’s a Chihuahua. Frankie plays […]

(Originally published in The Village Voice) It’s heartening to know that places like Tannen’s Magic Camp exist. A summer camp held at Bryn Mawr College for aspiring magicians ages 12 to 20, Tannen’s is the subject of the slight but delightful documentary Magic Camp, which focuses on five campers over the course of the week-long session. The kids […]

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) After 30 years as a theater performer, choreographer, director and producer, Janet Miller is finally graduating. At least, that’s how Miller’s longtime friend and new business partner Kimberly Fox puts it. Piggybacking off the production of Miller’s latest directorial effort, the Hollywood Fringe Festival’s A Man of No Importance, the two have […]

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) Think of Hurricane Katrina, and the images that probably come to mind are wind and rain pounding the flooding streets of New Orleans, people standing on rooftops waiting to be rescued, or the cleanup process that dragged on for years. But according to The Katrina Comedy Fest, tales of destruction, chaos and […]

(Originally published in LA Weekly) You’ve probably seen most of the elements that make upThe Lesser Blessed before: the icy, desolate rural town, teens who get high and have sex because there’s nothing else to do, two friends who want the same girl, a family that can’t communicate. But The Lesser Blessedcan be forgiven for treading on […]

(Originally published in LA STAGE Times) An unlikely pair of offerings at a White Castle fast food restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, inspired playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb to write BOB: A Life in Five Acts. While working at Actors Theatre in Louisville, Nachtrieb noticed that the White Castle between his hotel and the theater was advertising a “romantic” Valentine’s Day dinner, complete […]

(Originally published in the Houston Press) Director Pablo Trapero brings the slums of Buenos Aires vividly to life in White Elephant (Elefante Blanco), a meditative, beautifully photographed, remarkably intimate film despite the vast helplessness contained inside it. Julián, a priest in a shantytown called “Villa Virgin,” recruits his friend and fellow priest Nicolás to join him in his […]

(Originally published in The Village Voice and LA Weekly) Free China: The Courage to Believe delivers a powerful, if at times heavy-handed, warning: The systematic and state-sanctioned persecution of peaceful citizens is alive and well in China. The hourlong, talking-head documentary tells the story of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice combining Buddhism and Daoism, which took […]